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Interview with LM.C at Fanimecon 2
I: Maya, there are a lot of videos where I notice you picking on Aiji. Is there any time when Aiji gets you back for all the jokes you play?
Aiji: I’m an adult, so I don’t do that. (everyone laughs)
I: If you found that you two were stuck on a deserted island what would be the first things you would do?
Aiji: First of all, we are going to decide who is going to do what otherwise, (points to maya) he’s not going to do anything (laughs).
I: What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?
Aiji: “What time is it?” I want to see what time it is.
Maya: Usually I think, “Ok what am I going to do today?”, but when I’m overseas I have to stop and think, ”Wait, where am I again (laughs)?"
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this is a woman. god damnit world. why must you make such sexy women when ughhhh, it’s only their faces and style I like but ffff DX

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a man

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Maya is trying to murder the pillow…